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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Elf on the Shelf and Plexers

I forgot to take pictures of our elf the last two days!  James brought us a little Christmas tree made out of garland on Monday and was hanging on to the top of it.  On Tuesday he left a note that it was too noisy on Monday and didn't come back from the North Pole :-( 

Luckily, our class had excellent behavior yesterday and James came back today!  We think he may have been trying to decorate and got all tangled up!

You may have heard your child talking about Plexers. They are word puzzles that I have been putting on the board.  They were quite challenging for students at first, but now they are figuring them out pretty quickly!  They are just a fun activity to get their brains thinking in different ways.  Below is a picture of our Plexer for today.  Can you figure it out?

:-)  Mrs. Z

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