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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Art Museum, Boise Philharmonic, Math Activities, Homework, and More!

I have not  been posting often enough, so I have a long one today to make up for lost time!

I have added a link under the homework page that will bring you to a homework folder.  You will find folders that have all of the assignments.  I will post and/or put the homework for the week in the weekly newsletter.  That way, if you are missing homework you can access it here (and know which assignments we are on!) 

This week:
Pink Spelling List 11
Yellow Spelling List 23
Goldenrod Spelling List 34
Week 19 - A Life of Fairytales
Language Arts
Pages 73-76
Lessons 5,6,7
(I am sending all 3 home today, they can do 5 today, 6 tomorrow, and 7 Thursday - I will start sending them with homework packets again next week!)

Boise Art Museum

We had a fabulous time at BAM!  Here are few a pictures from the art projects students did after the tour:

Fun Math Activity

We had fun working on a hands on math activity recently.  The kids thought I was crazy when I dumped 1,000 popsicle sticks on the ground!  Students then worked together to group them into groups of 10's and 100's so that we could easily count all the sticks on the ground!

Boise Philharmonic
We had a guest from the Boise Philharmonic come to our classrooms today and teach us a bit about music.  We learned how to listen to music and hear the story that it tells.  Our guest played the trumpet for us!

Mrs. Zuniga :-)

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